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tv   Glenn Beck  FOX News  September 7, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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we are five days away from fundamentally transforming the united states of america. [ applause ] >> two of my favorite political blogs -- political philosophers, mao zedong and mother teresa. >> who is going to step down so someone else can have power? >> no more broken treaty. give them the wealth! give them the wealth! >> glenn: do you believe many of the people in the white house follow the beliefs of this revolutionary? this is james madison. or this revolutionary? karl marx. you have to decide.
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♪ ♪ hello, america. welcome to the second installment of our special crash course in glenn beck. i'm judge andrew napolitano. many of you have written many and told us you missed a lot of programs and wish you could get caught up on the mind-blowing stuff glenn has been talking about this year. this week is your chance. if you are just tuning in for the first time, you picked up at the right time. last night we learned about the economic transormation of america -- transformation of america. tonight the cliff note version on radicals that surround the president to help him fundamentally transform america. >> glenn: since the president has said in the past that the constitution is fundamentally flawed, since this president has surrounded himself with out and out radicals, some of them are socialists. one of them was a communist. isn't it reasonable to ponder
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the question what kind of transformation is he shooting for? i have pondered that question for many months and i don't have an answer. but i have also pondered this. if you wanted to use emergencies if you were that kind of person, if you were a radical, and god forbid you wanted to take control of a country because it was the right thing to do, the people were too stupid, in an emergency situation, what would you need control of? how would you do it? how could you make sure that you could just lock everything down? you could control it and then you could transform it? this is just a list i've come up with. i don't know. manufacturering and industry. financial. media communications. the military. energy and education. got it? education is really more long-term. if you wanted to have command and control, if you needed to kroilt -- control it, you
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need manufacturering and industry. you need g.m. and chrysler, and you have to gobble up -- not that you want to, but you have to gobble up as much as you can. if you control labor, you control industries. guess who controls labor? unions. they have more power than the average american. you know it and i know. the number one visitor in the white house is andy stern, president of seiu. whose concerns are addressed first? his or yours? let me let barack obama answer that one for you. >> you will know who is on your side because i have been at this a long time. i spent my entire adult life working with seiu. i'm not a newcomer. >> glenn: wait until the bottom of the hour. global warming rates dead last among issues of the day among the american people. dead last. but cap-and-trade is in the new budget. wait until i show you the game. at the bottom of the hour, the president is putting
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phantom profits in the budget from an energy policy we're nowhere near close to passing. what does he know that i don't know? i don't want to hurt mother earth and i don't think you do. but yet, they are going to force to us go green. how? cap-and-trade. watch. >> under my plan of a cap-and-trade system, electricity rates are going to necessarily skyrocket. >> glenn: what is that going to do to our financial system? how about media and freedom of speech? how about the internet? any network that doesn't get a thrill up their leg when listening to the president is harshly declared not a news network. the s.e.c. wants them to step down so someone else can have power,". president obama tried to intimidate tv pundits as enemy of reform in the "state of the union" address. look what they're trying to
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do to the internet. grab power. education. nationalizing the student loan industry. that's part of this and education. now education is much longer term. this would mean from cradle to grave, the state would have a grip on our educational system. already loaded with anti-capitalist propaganda. progressive revisionist history. in normal times, in normal times it could be outrageous to think anyone in our government, anyone would want to fundamentally transform us to anything but a better, freer society as our constitution dictates. but we are not living in normal times. remember some of the radicals the presidents have placed around him and some of things the radicals said. watch. >> trying to use the power of persuasion. if that doesn't work, we'll use persuasion of power. >> no, we're going to change the whole system. we're going to change the whole thing. we're not going to put a new battery in a broken system.
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we want a new system. >> we kind of believe with mao political power comes from barrel of gun. >> never want a serious crisis to go to waste. >> we took names, we watch how they voted and know where they live. >> glenn: these are the people advising the president. you know about his other influences as well. jeremiah wright and bill ayers. unthinkable. >> the constitution is a fundamental law of the land. everybody that works for the government takes an oath to uphold the constitution. this government and this administration doesn't care about the fundamental law of the land. they want to change radicalcally the way in which you live. they want to do it through changing manufacturering and industry. why else would the government take over general motors and chrysler? they want to change it through banking institutions. why else would the government force banks who sell their stock to the government when the bank didn't need the government money and didn't want the government involved. why else would we have cap-and-trade? do you really want a federal agent coming to your house to measure the thickness of the
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glass on your kitchen window before you can sell it to somebody ready to buy it? we have to watch out for all of this stuff, because it's subtle and potent ways that this government wants to to take away our freedom. and wants to enable itself to control our lives. now, let's take a look at some of the other radicals that seem to have some pull with the president. the black panthers. >> glenn: the media seems uninterested in the black panthers. it's been dropped by the justice department and eric holder. this is incredible. remember the foot knowledge the 2008 presidential election, this is the new black panthers party members. they're standing in front of a polling location in philadelphia, full uniform, wielding a police style baton weapon. they are clearly trying to intimidate potential voters. they're calling people "cracker." what are you doing here, cracker?" how many times have you seen guys in uniform with baton weapons in front of your polling place calling people "cracker"? it happens all the time,
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right? well, a complaint was filed the u.s. district court in philadelphia. against shamir shabazz and jerry jackson. they are part of a national effort by the black panthers to station members at polls and intimidate. after the case was effectively won by the d.o.j. and default sentencing was imminent in may of 2009, the d.o.j. made the unheard of move to suddenly file a notice of voluntary dismissal of the lawsuit for the two defendants. wow! why? really? what happened here? there had to be some reason for the sudden turn-around, right? some logical explanation. because certainly, certainly our administration and our d.o.j. wouldn't accept this from white people, black people, asian. it doesn't matter. you wouldn't accept this. this goes to the core of our republic. maybe, maybe the defendants were unaware that they were standing in front of a
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polling location and there was a big mix-up. unfortunately we have the videotape that showed they did. so maybe -- you know what? maybe they were just very, very sorry for violating americans' rights and engaging in activity that african-americans of all people should see and be offended by. everybody. i mean, how long does this country have to fight to stop this kind of stuff from white people doing it to black people? stop. that didn't happen either. we're down to one. we're down to one other option. maybe, maybe these guys just really, really hate white people. that's presumptuous for me to say. warning, if you have kids in the room, this is pretty disturbing stuff. shamir shabazz said that very thing directly. here it is. >> i hate white people. all of them. every last iota of a cracker, i hate him. because we're still in this condition, man.
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we didn't come out here to play today. there's too much serious business going on in the black community to be out here and sliding through south street with white, dirty cracker whores [bleep] on their arm. if you want freedom, you're going to have to kill some crackers. you're going to kill some of their babies. let us get our act together. >> glenn: i think it's pretty clear he hates white people. if that is not the definition of a "racist," i don't know what is. he doesn't just hate all of white people, he hates -- he doesn't like one iota of them. in fact, he wants to kill them and their "cracker babies." now i'm really having a hard time with the justice department. they're letting this guy walk. i'm not an expert in justice, but i am a thinker. this doesn't sound like justice. this doesn't sound like something that is going to bring us altogether. there has to be some reason for the flip.
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seeing a video of those who want to kill crackers and cracker babies standing outside with a club in front of polling place, doesn't make sense. maybe it's support for the new black panthers that they gave barack obama in the election. i interviewed their top guy leading up to the election. he was one of the creepiest moments on tv. at one point he closes his eyes and starting to pray. when i went to a commercial break, the floor staff said oh, my gosh, that was creepy. this is before we knew anything really about barack obama, before we really started digging into his past. watch what he said. >> if you had to understand that your ancestors had been in slavery and bondage for 300 years, that your ancestors mad been denied -- had been denied policemen and schools -- how would you
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feel? >> i will tell you i would feel, i would feel so unbelievably proud that that country has made so much progress that the richest woman in america is oprah winfrey and possibly the next president is also an african-american. i'd feel pretty darn good we made a lot of progress. obama's message is to come together. yet your message, according to your website, is the trials of black only by all black juries and end all black cooperation with police department and separate country for african-americans. how is obama your man? >> obama is my man because i believe he can change america. i pray to almighty god that america will listen to and follow barack obama, black or white or whoever you are. i say that barack obama is the true salvation for america. to bring us beyond the negative and the nasty and the injustices that have caused persons like reverend
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wright or myself to speak out. barack obama, i pray glenn, you will support him. >> glenn: his prayer didn't work out. he was praying that obama would get us past the injustices. well, isn't this case being dropped an injustice? it doesn't matter. martin luther king, content of character, not color of skin. it doesn't matter what color someone's skin is. this is an injustice. why would barack obama want to side with black panthers who were clearly intimidating voters? >> so intimidating voters is obviously is a crime. intimidating voters with a weapon is even more of a crime. intimidating voters with a weapon because of the color of their skin is obviously a federal crime. you saw that tape. why wouldn't the federal government prosecute those? what other radical groups are
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in tight with this administration? >> glenn: let's look at the circle of influence of this president. everybody knows about acorn. right? acorn. how do they get things done? they intimidate. that's why the banks are in trouble. they intimidate. the same intimidation happening with the black panthers. the president made it clear he is walking in lock step with acorn. watch. >> and i definitely welcome acorn's input. you don't have to ask me about that. i'm going to call you, even if you didn't ask me. >> glenn: so remember, bertha lewis upped the ante recently. this is what she said in a speech.
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[ inaudible ] >> glenn: small government people like tea party people are coming after intern like in world war ii, which was a progressive president. world war ii, f.d.r. interred japanese, germans and italians. in world war i, the king of progressives, woodrow wilson, intered germans. progressives. but she is whipping this up. nancy pelosi, they're coming to interpeople. really? that would incite violence i would think. the president made it clear how he feels with seiu, who also deals in intimidation. here is seiu. remember, they have not hesitated to use intimidation. here he is. >> imagine what we could do together. imagine having a president whose life work was your work. >> glenn: there he is. we all know he is in bed with seiu. not hesitated, seiu, to use
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intimidation and violence. then you have the hiring of van jones. i want to show this to you because you have to remember valley jarret is like a cyst -- valerie jarret is like a sister to the president. this is what she said when they hired van jones. it's important you understand they knew exactly who he was. >> van jones we were so delighted to be able to recruit him in the white house. we have been watching him really for -- he's not that old but as long as he's been active in oakland. >> glenn: as long as he's been active out in oakland. van jones, who was he when he was active in oakland, california? a communist. he was also the head of the ella baker center and he started also the communist storm organization. i've asked you to people get that manual. it's available at it's free. just read it, please. this is what his manual stated. "revolutionaries need to be militant in street action as leaders in the fight for liberation, we should be role
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models of fearlessness before the state and the oppressor." they also said, "marches were to be militant and confrontational. regularly defying police commands and occasionally plunging through police lines and barricades." got it? militant intimidation. militant intimidation. militant intimidation. militant intimidation. the president has no problem associating with militants who intimidate. >> militant intimidation can sometimes be taken to the next level. terrorism. that's where bill ayers comes in. we track his ties to the president next.  
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tonight we're looking at the radicals of the past and present who are influencing how the country is run today. up now, the weather underground. >> glenn: the weather underground bombed new york city police headquarters in 1970. u.s. capitol building this '71. pentagon this '72. police cars in may of 1973. in 1974, the weather underground wrote about what needed to be done. "we have an urgent responsibility to destroy imperialism from within in
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order to help free the world and ourselves from its grasp. without underestimating the difficulty, this is our position of strength. we all will use the weapons available to us." if you look at the individuals, you have jeff jones. he grew up in california. his dad worked for walt disney. pefs -- he was a pacifist. his beliefs were not well thought out or well formed yet so he was swept away by the radical movement when he went to college. then bernadine doran. remember the names because they appear again in very, very recent history. bernadine grew up in wisconsin. she was an upper class suburb. attended college. also the time that she was first known to dive in to radicalism. she's known for uttering this unfortunate statement about the charles manson murders. "dig it. first they killed those pigs, then they ate dinner the same
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room with them. then they even shoved a fork into the victim's stomach. wild." dohrn now respected member of society says she was lucky they didn't kill anyone. apparently dohrn doesn't consider terry gold, terry robins and ayers' girlfriend diana aughten people because they died in a premature explosion in bombs they were making in 1970. dohnr was also on f.b.i. most wanted list from 1970-1973. she is a sweetheart. bill ayers grew up in an upper middle class suburb of illinois. his dad was the ceo of a giant utility company, commonwealth edison. he attended exclusive prep school. maybe that's why he uses fancy language. he said he hated every minute of it there. he liked free thought, man.
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hi found at university of michigan they had free thought. he was key to turn toward militancy. now he says, now he says about the bombings that he doesn't have anything to apologize for. "i wish i had done more." more? >> that may have been then, but where are they now? and why does it matter to you? >> glenn: where is jeff jones now? jeff jones now has his own consulting firm that helps progressives achieve their goals. he's on the board of movement for democratic society that works closely with sds. yes, it's still there. it's now growing the new weathermen and weather underground now available possibly in your child's high school. he is also a member of the apollo alliance. remember them? they had funding from tides and they helped write the stimulus package. sure, unconstitutional, but jeff jones now decides or
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helps the state of new york decide where your tax money goes. from the stimulus. bill ayers. bill ayers. hadn't done enough, really. in 1997, he won the citizen of the year award for his work on the chicago anenburg challenge project. he's a professor at the university of chicago. served on the board with president obama at the woods foundation. they were neighbors and obama attended a campaign event at this man's house. he's now respected and influential member of society. his lovely and talented wife bernadine dohrn. married to bill ayers. now an associate professor of law at the northwest university school of law and was director of northwestern children and family justice center. she's teaching kids. that's great! dohrn and ayers played a key role in organizing, something that's been in the news recently. the free gaza movement. you know, the one that
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launched the flotilla whose crew attacked israeli soldiers who boarded and then stabbed them violently and threw one over the deck. these are the people who are teaching our students today. there are people who are still involved in decision-making from the country and they're not remorseful at all about their past actions. one update on bill ayers. he's now a retiree. he announced his retirement from professorhood from the university of illinois at chicago last month. what on earth will he do next? up next, the blueprint that the violent radicals created in the '60s, to destroy america and tactics from it that are still used today. ñ÷
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i'm patti ann browne. a gunman wearing an iraqi army uniform killed two american soldiers in northern iraq today according to the u.s. military. they were the first american soldiers killed since the u.s. officially ended combat operations in the country last week. the white house will rule out a series of proposals to jumpstart the economy tomorrow. in addition to business investment tax breaks, president obama will call for congress to pass a $50 billion infrastructure investment. and chicago mayor richard daly says he is not running for re-election after more than 20 years in office. he says the time to move on is now. for more on the stories, visit glenn beck returns in a moment, but first, bret previews "special report." >> bret: coming up, white
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house officials insist that new proposed package of spending and targeted tax cuts is not a stimulus package. they can see it will increase the deficit, though. brit hume has analysis. join me at the top of the hour for "special report." now back to glenn. ♪ ♪ back now with our special edition of the "glenn beck program." the second day of a one-week crash course on what we've learned so far this year. tonight, we're focussing on the radicals that have influenced and are continuing to influence our president and his administration. before the last break, you all heard about the weather underground and some of its members. now a close look at their blueprint to destroy america from the '60s and why it still matters today. >> glenn: i believe this document explains the reason for many of the actions we are seeing from this
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administration. because i can't make sense of it. this document is from june 18, 1969. it's the manifesto from the weatherman. i have to tell you. if someone handed me this in the street and say "glenn, you have to read this." i would also think it's ancient history. if you don't know history, you won't know where we've been, where we are, or where we're headed. this manifesto when you read it sounds crazy to the average person. it does. as you read it, i know i read it in bed one night and i kept waking my wife up. "honey, honey, honey, listen to this." it sure sounds an awful lot like the things we're doing. there are people who not only wrote this but they lift some recurring theme in the
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manifesto. they attack capitalism. they call this in this "imperialism." they also speak about the struggles it causes. they use any struggle, as proof of hopelessness. they repeatedly talk about how you have no chance to succeed in this system. michael moore writes about this in his book. no. no chance. for example, they say the masses will fight for socialism when they understand that the reform fights, fight for improvement of material conditions cannot be won under imperialism. so in other words, make sure you tell people they can't make it. these guys don't buy into the american dream, which is funny, because most of them come from well-to-do backgrounds. another recurring theme in this is redistribution of wealth. your stuff. your stuff is not really yours. quoting from their manifesto. listen to this. all of the united airlines astro jets, all of the holiday inns, all of the hertz automobiles, your television set, your car, your wardrobe, already belong to a large degree to the
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people of the rest of the world. hmm. then there is class warfare. pit the rich against the poor. liberation warfare, the oppressor and the victim. we have've got to save everybody by get -- we've got to save everybody by getting the oppressor. then there is the globalism part of it and indoctrination. on dock tri nation, they write this -- indoctrination. they write this -- we'll only reach the high school kids who are in motion be being in the schoolyards on an everyday basis." why not teach? the other thing is being clandestine. to win a war with an enemy as highly organized as the imperilists, the capitalists will require clandestine organization of revolutionaries. in other words, don't let anybody know you're a
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revolutionary. do any of those goals at all sound familiar? it seems like we might be stuck in the 1970s. you have to hate capitalism, redistribute the wealth. you can't make it on their own. the rich are evil. workers of the world unite. but there is more disturbing parts of it. ask yourself which way are we headed? who are they using to achieve their goals? in this manifesto, they talk about it, they lay it out. it's really quite fascinating. there a few people they say you have to have. one, you have to grab the youth. students. they know they must have the students. work
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workers of the world unite. they have the labor unions. the people who wrote this. six degrees separation from the president. you wouldn't have these people standing right next to you. but what about the people standing right next to the president. what if they stand right next to those people? is that far enough separation? these are the friends of this administration. these are the people in the administration. these are the organizations that are tied to the administration. you have andy stern, s.d.s. workers of the world unite. van jones, communist. mao lovers. ron bloom. barrel of the gun. anita dunn. weather underground jeff jones. where is jeff? here is jeff. he worked with the apollo alliance. what does the apollo alliance do? the apollo alliance worked on the stimulus package. he's now in the government of new york advising them on how the spend it. hugo chavez praising mark lloyd of the s.e.c. they all think the same way.
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how is that? what are the odds? they all think that america is the bad guy. the imperilists. the capitalism is over. they all believe in redistribution of wealth. and yet, he is surprised. now let me ask you this. do you know one person, one person that was a member of s.d.s., or is a member of s.d.s. today? do you know one person who is an admitted militant communist that called recently for the overthrow of the united states? do you know one? do you know one person that wants to dismant the free market brick-by-brick? do you know anybody, one, that was part of a non-repentent group of terrorists who blew up the pentagon and routinely bombed and shot up police? do you know one person that hates the constitution? one that disagrees with the declaration of independence? one?
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do you know one? he knows all of them. this is an undisputed fact. so you have to make a choice. this is either the most unluckiest streak of job hires of all time. what do you mean? another radical? or it could be that this is the mindset that this president wants to associate with. these are the people who help shaped his life. his parents. they were communists. mentor was a communist. it's all he knows. he is simply surrounding himself with like minded individuals. let me ask you this. two questions. did you read "dreams of my father"? has anybody in the press asked this one question? what was the dream of his father?
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what was dream of his father? he surrounds himself with marxists and they deny it and say oh, oh. but i don't buy that. let's go with ronald reagan. if ronald reagan, and he did, if he did the same thing, he brought in small government policy people from the heritage foundation. and he surrounded himself, surrounded himself with the heritage foundation. would anybody believe that oh, no, that's just -- of course not. it's intentional. three days ago i started with this chalkboard. i asked you. after you hear this you have to make a choice. you have to make a choice. it's no longer reasonable to say that this is all a coincidence.
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you have to make a choice. what you are seeing, is it the intentional destruction of the free market system into redistribution of wealth, into globalism, into big government and marxism, into class and race warfare? is it intentional? fundamental transformation of america. or is it this but they keep getting it wrong. america, you can bury your head in the sand. at our peril. or you can draw a line in the sand. >> he once collapsed britain's economy and made brittle of the process. now he gets a visitor's pass to the white house. can you catch who this?  
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welcome back to a crash course, glenn beck special on the radicals helping the president to transform america. now to the man who could be dubbed radical in chief. one of the richest men on the planet. he's calling for a new world order. he is someone the president listens to very closely. >> glenn: george soros. he is the billionaire progressive activist who doesn't mind throwing his money around.
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seemingly unending quest for big government control is kind of strange, perplexing to me honestly, because he was born in budapest, hungary, and his dad was a hungarian jew, prisoner of war in world war i. soros found his way to new york city in 1996. i've been happy about that ever since. by 1970, he had set up hedge funds that could help him make his fortune. he's the guy who helped collapse the british sterling. yet, he spent millions of that fortune on things like progressive blog sites, like media matters, where bloggers can earn six-figure salaries just to sit around in their underpants and distort conservative words all day. they're going to be extra busy on tonight's show. he started the open society institute which seeks fairness, justice. social justice? no. he also helped start the tides foundation, among its many super, super classics are the anti-capitalist
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indoctrination video. yes, george soros money. great! shown in schools all across america to warp your children's brains and to make sure they know how evil capitalism is. he is also a globalist. he is one of the power players trying to establish a new world -- watch when he says it, notice how he stumbles every time he says this. you oh, i have really spooky dude saying new world order, probably freaking people out. watch him. he stumbles every time he talks about establishing the -- >> bringing china in the creation of a new, a huh, huh world order, financial world order. so i think we need a new world order that china has to be part of the process of creating it. >> glenn: yeah. "huh, huh, i just want to say i just believe we should have a new, oh, no, i shouldn't be
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saying this on television. what else can i say? new world order." >> so how does soros impact u.s. policy? through groups he funds like the center for american progress. treasury secretary tim geithner spoke there last month. the group has one of acorn's top guns as a senior fellow. obama's former green job czar is a senior fellow there, too. the list goes on. >> glenn: according to the "wall street journal," the center for american progress, which is the group that van jones and everybody has been hiding out in and picked the president's staff helps the president write his talking points and make decisions. the report in the "wall street journal" states may 4 for instance, the cap and trade energy and environment expert daniel weiss called on the president to name an independent commission to look at the causes of the deep water horizon disaster. on may 22, he did just that.
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may 21, cap president john podesta privately implored white house officials to name someone to the public point person on the spill response. guest what? a few days later they did that. may 26, weiss said the white house needed to demand that b.p. immediately set up an escrow account with the billions of dollars from which the claims of the gulf state residents would be paid out. oh, yeah. they did that one as well. it's not like george soros has anything to gain from how the president handles b.p. or anything like that. brazil is the one that really stands to benefit from the b.p. oil spill catastrophe. as the u.s. moratorium makes more rigs available for other countri countries, brazil is going to gobble them up. brazil is plowing ahead with a $220 billion, five-year -- a 220 billion, five-year plan to tap oil fields that are
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deeper than b.p. ill-fated gulf well. remember, $220 billion. it's deeper than what we have here. and the equipment is going to go from the gulf down there. again, george soros has nothing to gain from this. the soros management llc, i guess we should tell you this, holteds a stake in petrobras in $900 million as of december 31, 2009. petrobras, the brazilian oil company that the obama administration -- get this -- the obama administration is now lending $2 billion to. you ready? wait for it. what is the $2 billion going for? to perform offshore drilling in brazil. >> why would a guy who is
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trying to undermine the economy get a special pass to the oval office? you figure that one out. we're going to tie together what we've learned so far in this crash course next.
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so let's take a look at
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what we've learned in today's crash course. that progressives and the obama administration are using manufacturering and industry to help transform america. they're going through unions, through energy proposal like cap-and-trade. >> the only way the transition to clean energy will ultimately succeed is if the private sector is fully invested in this future. >> through takeovers of companies like g.m. and the financial industry overhaul. >> let face it. requires tough steps to stabilize the financial sector. some of those steps weren't popular. i knew they weren't popular. i've got pollsters. >> through education and the nationalization of the student loan industry. >> for a long time our student loan worked for banks and financial institutions. today we're finally making our student loan system work for students and our families. >> we learned many of the people working for and advising the president are marxists. >> we're in a position where
5:55 pm
you have to, you have to say who is going to step down so someone else can have power? >> we learned they associate themselveses with those who intimidate like black panthers, acorner seiu. >> i hate white people. all of them. every las iota of a cracker, i hate it. >> we learned that members of the ultra radical groups of the 1960s, the weathermen and the s.d.s. are helping run our country today. >> going to be on the streets and in every institution in this country from now on. >> replace capitalism with socialism. >> and billionaires like george soros who are funding the effort to collapse america get invitations to this white house. >> do you really need to bring china in to the creation of a new world order, and a new world order. >> is that enough to make
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your head spin? i'll tell you what crash course is coming tomorrow next.
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>> all caught up on your radicals? tomorrow we tackle the revisionist history. catch me on


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